Slimming treatment

Reduction of all types of cellulite, fat deposits and water retention. WINBACK has a direct action that reduces imperfections in storage areas (abdomen, hips, thighs), acting by diathermic and circulatory effect. The decrease in volume reduces pressure on the hypodermic and so also reduces cellulite. That’s why WINBACK is the prefect solution for slimming and the removal of deep-seated imperfections. The treatment is very comfortable and non-invasive with results from the first session.

Fibrous Cellulite

Stimulation via reflexology to deeply activate resources and unblock lymphatic areas. Soothing action to relax the touch-sensitive area, followed by adhesions with localized hyperthermia. Technique of gentle massage followed by deep body massage to activate circulatory exchanges and accelerate the elimination of fat. The treatment ends with epidermal regeneration to reduce visible effects.

Localized Adipose Clusters

Reflex and Lymphatic Stimuli. Deep, full body massage to maximise circulatory recruitment and focused, energetic action to facilitate movement in the adipose area. Option – a muscle building session amplifies the benefits of the treatment.