Firming treatment

natural stimulation of the body’s resources. The face regains remarkable natural radiance from the first session. Regeneration of the epidermis and exfoliation of blemishes. WINBACK stimulates the fibroblasts and promotes the production of collagen and elastin to achieve a tensor effect. The selective heating of tissues causes cutaneous firming via its action on collagen. The deep action of the MIX heads concentrates energy on the skin layers.

Cutaneous sagging of the face

Reactivation of the fibroblast and micro-capillary recruitment followed by deep activation to restore volume to facial muscle and plump up the face. If necessary, evacuation of excess lymph in the area. Light facial massage (MIX/MIX+/ BEAT) to reach all layers of the skin and complete the tensor and natural radiance effect. Recommendation: A light, non-invasive LASCULP exfoliation with WINBACK is recommended to remove dead skin and help the skin to breathe.