Winback Beauty meets the expectations of very demanding male and female clients by combining efficacy and comfort in a single treatment. The treatment is popular because it is non-invasive and the results meet the goals set during the initial consultation.


In the field of sports, physiotherapy and urology, Winback has more than proven its effectiveness by supporting professionals in the treatment of complex pathologies.


Results are visible from the first session and stabilized between 3 and 5 sessions.


One session every month ensures that the desired effect is long-lasting.


Sessions are completely non-invasive and painless.


WINBACK Beauty Academy is the result of close collaboration between WINBACK and beauty professionals. We have studied their manual expertise, areas of excellence, and equipment to create protocols that produce results worldwide.

The intuitive nature of WINBACK, combined with their expertise, reinforces their manual effectiveness and all their current shaping techniques are possible.

Compatible with their protocols by combining other equipment before, simultaneously and / or after your session. WINBACK technology adapts to the following equipment: electro-stimulation, cryotherapy, pressotherapy, vibration, deep mechanical massage, gymnastics, wraps…

The WINBACK Academy’s commitment is to share its knowledge with professionals throughout the world. Its training courses, forums and social networks are accessible to them. This enables them to have discussions, learn, and share their experience of the famous WINBACK technology, which has reached and convinced a record 95% of professionals in other areas, such as physiotherapy, sport and urology.

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